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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
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Alicia Vikander as Anne Marie
Lily James as Sara
Bradley Cooper as Adam Jones
Sienna Miller as Helene
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cullen73 3 / 10

Movie Has Been Written A Thousand Times

"It must be great. Bradley Cooper acts in award winning film." But no. It's the same movie that every other actor has done at least once in their career. The lead is arrogant, chip on their shoulder, lacks social skills, loner by choice... There is sexual tension with opposite sex (usually) supporting character. This tension helps the lead start to let down their guard. Something happens that upsets the lead so bad they are worse than every before. Then the lead has a mental break down. The opposite sex character helps pick them up. Usually at that same time the sexual tension is broken. The lead makes peace with their demons from the past. Voila!! He/she is no longer an angry prick but a lovable person with great social skills. It all revolves around an unique career, skill or hobby. The only reason to watch the film. In this movie it is world class chef, but it could be a snake milker, innovative uke player or a deep sea crab hunter.

Reviewed by andrejhribernik 10 / 10

Just watched it the 9th time!

As my click-batty title may apply, I really enjoyed watching this movie!

Everything in it is just gold!

I am becoming a real fanboy of Bradley. Everything he plays in is just freaking amazing! - sorry for the passion - but you can really see his preparation of each role.

The fact that he knows French, studied Gordon Ramsey and other great chefs, worked in a kitchen for a while, really shows in this masterpiece of a movie! I also liked the little touch, that not everyone may know, where most of the kitchen staff, were actually real cooks and chefs.

I was a bit skeptical about all other actors, like Sienna, Daniel, etc., but... bravo (clap, clap). They were amazing.

The movie resonates with me on a deep level, since I'm a business owner, working in the creative field and aiming to reach the premium level as portraid here.

In a nutshell. Great movie with an amazing story and some of the best performances I ever seen.

A must watch!

Reviewed by serafinogm 9 / 10

Initially reluctant viewer but morphed into an entertained and delighted viewer

I watched this film for two reasons; The first was simply Bradley Cooper, who knocked me out in American Hustle and entertained in the Hangover movies, in particular the first installment, the second reason was wife pressure! I reluctantly started watching but was quickly intrigued with Bradley's performance and was curious regarding the alluded to history at the start of the film. History that had brought Bradley's character (Adam) to where he found himself at that moment in the film, and I wanted to know that history! What an entertaining vehicle, it never disappointed and once engaged there was no way I was not going to see it to the end! Bradley you've become a fine actor and I look forward to more of your performances! By the way the supporting cast was superb!

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