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Fernando Lamas as Dr. Carlos Morales
Arlene Dahl as Nancy Darby
Tom Drake as Dr. Roy Darby
Patricia Medina as Martha Darby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JBThackery 10 / 10

A Real Charmer!

One commenter said Sangaree was noted for nothing more than its 3-D effects. Another said it was a dull turkey. I disagree. What I discovered when viewing it on TV years ago, was a charming period-piece set in a most charming venue: Savannah! The charm was no doubt bolstered by my having just moved to Savannah when I first saw the film. But the filming is magnificent, in my humble opinion. A little artistic in its backgrounds, perhaps, but nonetheless charming, and at least one charming film about Savannah needs to endure, so looks likt this one is it. The color, sets, scenery, and costuming are magnificent, and the photography and editing are cleaqr and consistent.

To instantly pooh-pooh this classic film on dubious technical claims, is unfair. Everyone who likes romance, history, Americana, and beautiful filming should see this movie. The emotional tone is often laid back and relaxing, but that was the way of life in the sunny old South.

And what fine casting! Moreover, Arlene Dahl is - in my opinion - the only non-Southern actress who could really do a Southern accent... ( and she was from Minnesota, no less!)

The mere word "Sangaree" will forever carry me back to the charm and grace of fine old Savannah.

Sangaree ranks right up there with my favorite nostalgic films.

Reviewed by mbs 7 / 10

Funny and Oddly Compelling

I saw this one last night pretty much not knowing anything about it except that it was in 3-D and that it starred Fernano Lamas---He even says to someone in the film "You Look Fabulous!!" (as opposed to You Look Marvellous!) I really only saw it because there was absolutely nothing else around that i really wanted to see (which is extremely rare) and i didn't wanna go home just yet so i plunked down the money and took a chance on this----and it was actually a fun watch! Fernando is a poor doctor in Georgia in the 1780's i would say---(he was the son of servants and the rich man who was his parents' boss for some reason paid for him to go to med school on the condition that he return and be his doctor should he need one)Fernando is called back to the place he grew up where the man who was his benefactor when he was younger is dying and leaves Fernando as the heir to his estate and to tend to his various properties which seem to make up most of the town!

Needless to say most of the townspeople--and the actual blood daughter of the rich benefactor are ill at ease with this---The Daughter actually tries to sue him using the claim that her father wasn't in his right mind when he made that arrangement. Fernando's skills as a doctor,(the town is facing a plague epidemic) as a brawler (he gets into a couple of fistfights at the local bar and wards off some pirates who wanted to steal something or other) and as a suave, good humored guy with an accent cheesier than Kraft eventually wins the townspeople over--and wins the heart of Nancy (the blood daughter of his benefactor and it should be pointed out--actual rightful heir.) Movie actually has a lot of funny one liners played completely straight and deadpan--Fernando says to Nancy at one point half kiddingly "you're a woman--and you think like a woman" (the 2 of them spend at least half the movie sniping at each other which then becomes love of course!--when they first see each other she even bites his lip after kissing him "i wanted to give you something you're gonna remember" she purrs to him...when he sees her again a little later he kisses her gloved hand and then bites it for good measure. Given random moments like these throughout, I believe the film knew exactly how it was playing as.) Because of its sense of humor and to be honest a lot of that comes from Fernando himself although Arlene Dhal gives as good as she gets as Nancy----the movie manages to be quite watchable and even somewhat fun. No you won't remember it the morning after, i barely even remembered it on the ride home after--but if you're in the mood for a light hearted somewhat fun romantic-comedy southern Gothic costume post-revolutionary war epic this would definitely fit the bill.

Reviewed by mmcgee282 10 / 10

Blu- ray print is beautiful

Now this was a Pine -Thomas production based on a popular ,of the time. By ,means,it's no,"Gone with the Wind," or,"War and peace,this was a ,B, production.B ,but,well done.It not only was Paramount first 3D production,but, the first 3D production to be printed in 3 strip technicolor process.It was photographed on single strip Eastman color. At the time Fernando Lamas ,before Esther Williams, were lovers.The heat shows in the film between them as Fern plays the ex indentured slave, by getting a loan and return you got to give your teeth as collateral,until you pay it back ,Ha!Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha, nope. You get a loan to move to the new country and in return pay back by being a servant to whom you got the loan from until it's fully paid ,today it would be known as loan sharks. Patricia Medina ,who did two other 3d movies ,plays an ex slave too and was in love with Fern,but,now she married Ferns best friend ,who is well to do doctor,played by Tom Drake,of meet me in Saint Louie and Word and music fame,but her character is sill having a heart towards Fernand. Now a doctor himself Fernand has agreed to his late slave owner to take over his estate and converted some of the funds for free schooling and free heath care for the poor and free indentured slaves earlier. He now has to confront stubborn Arlene doll,who going to fight him in the court to keep her fathers property,encourage by the scoundrel ,played by John Sutton. Now this kind of story would make a greedy person uncomfortable.The 3D photography was excellent noticeable in the scene where Arlene show the new tobacco stock to Fernand.Things are thrown t at the camera ,but, they put them as part of the story.The fight scene between Fernand and Willard Parker against John Sutton and his Ogre ,you see plenty of objects flying at the camera ,at the tavern.As always Frances l. Sullivan always plays the bad British guy.These days most 3d movie are just action ,not romance or musicals.This is a 3d made,not converted,romantic drama.Unfortunately a 3D shot of the trailer is lost,only two flat trailers one promotes 3d the other promote the 2d version,exist only.At least we got the feature.Also includes is the before and after restoration and the radio version of the movie produced in 1955. 10/16/18.

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